Feel the love in the "Married Life" sequence from Disney Pixar's Up.
(spoiler) Anne and Matthew reunite in Anne With An "E".

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IMDB: [open]
Maturity Rating: PG
Spoilers: Minor
  • 2009 film
  • the ‘Married Life’ opening sequence for Pixar’s Up
  • Directed by Pete Docter
  • Cinematography by Patrick Lin, Jean-Claudie Kalache
  • Music composed by Michael Giacchino, who won the Academy Award for Best Original Score at the 82nd ceremony, and the Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Composition for the ‘Married Life’ sequence

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Anne With An 'E'

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Episode: S1:E2
IMDB: [open]
Maturity Rating: TV-PG
Spoilers: Moderate
  • Anne and Matthew reunite
  • The first poem Anne recites: Henry and Emma by English poet Matthew Prior
  • Line 168
  • The second poem Anne recites: Sonnet 14 by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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