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In one of the most comedic moments from the Toy Story franchise, we review a series of clips featuring Buzz Lightyear serenading Jessie in Toy Story 3. Alex shares some of artistic and dance observations that make this sequence such a joy to watch for viewers of all ages. In our second pick this week, we analyze the incredible build up and drama leading up to Maximus' reveal in Gladiator, and observe several subtle silent gestures and acting nuances that make this scene a timeless masterpiece.

@ 1:01

Toy Story 3

Watch on Disney Plus (1:06:45 - 1:08:46; 1:10:17 - 1:10:59; 1:37:21 - 1:38:39)
Also on: YouTube

  • 1:06:45 - 1:08:46: Buzz’s initial transformation
  • 1:10:17 - 1:10:59: Buzz struts around Jessie
  • 1:37:21 - 1:38:39: Buzz and Jessie’s dance duet
  • Alternatively watch on YouTube:
  • Jessie and Buzz’s dance, a pasodoble, choreographed by Cheryl Burke and Tony Dovolani, from Dancing With The Stars
  • Cheryl and Tony work with Pixar:
  • Rigging:
  • Rigging at Pixar:
  • Port de Bras:
  • The Fourth Wall:

@ 12:05


Watch on YouTube (0:00 -)

  • Jennifer Lopez auditioned for the role as Lucilla
  • Connie Nielsen is more famously known now in Wonder Woman as Queen Hippolyta
  • An incredible piano ONLY version of Hans Zimmer Battle Scene score arranged&played by the talented Khatia Buniatishvili

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