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In episode 23 we review how Denis Villeneuve uses suspense and dramatic tension in the prisoner extraction scene from Sicario to create an explosive shootout at the US-Mexico border. David's choice this week is from Nirvana in Fire [Langya Bang,琅琊榜], a TV series from China that is #1 on his all-time favourite list. This scene is a short example of how masterful this series is, and we break down exactly how costuming, script writing, acting, and excellent sound production all play a part in one of the best revenge stories ever written for TV and film.

@ 1:07


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  • Full scene pick is across 2 YouTube clips:
  • 2015
  • Scene: border crossing in and out of Juárez City, Mexico
  • warning: contains graphic, grisly images
  • Directed by Denis Villeneuve
  • Cinematography by Roger Deakins
  • The area in the scene:
  • Navy seal identifies gun technical issue as noted in the audio episode:

@ 12:25

Nirvana in Fire / Langya Bang / 琅琊榜

Watch on YouTube (10:16 - 14:59; 16:48 - 22:02)
Also on: Viki

  • Nirvana in Fire is based on a novel written by Hai Yan, who was also approached to write the script for the TV series
  • 2 clips occuring in Ep15 from Season 1
  • Fun fact: The three main theme songs are sung by all 3 actors (‘When the Wind Blows’ sung by Hu Ge, ‘Faded Beauty’ sung by Liu Tao, ‘Loyal Blood Forever Runs Red’ sung by Wang Kai)

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